How you should run around in this programming world.

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Web development can be learnt without spending a dime. It’s all about the energy, curiosity, decision making, your patience and not giving up until you feel incapacitated. Well, a fast learner does two things, first he knows what he is gonna do and how and second he practices it frequently for effectiveness. The following words sums up my advice for making your web-development learning path to be fast and effective.

1. Code-map

Great, you made up your mind to get into this beautiful yet rough journey. Since every journey needs a roadmap, how you will move, go around, to reach…

Moral story for every Javascript programmer.

Ben, a small boy in France has a terrible way of writing Javascript programs.

He was used to give bad names to every variable he declared and often wrote hooker code.

On one day an error occurred on his console, the boy moved his cursor to copy paste it into Stack Overflow. As soon as he hovered his mouse over the error, his body was dragged into the Computer. Being half conscious upon waking he discovered himself inside a castle with a big door in front of him, over which four words were written “The Castle of JS”.

Simple hacks for an unfair advantage

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“Before the battle of the fist comes the battle of the mind… then the dramatic entrance” -Master Shifu.

Squaring imagination at the perfect time can lead to magical outcomes. But wielding imagination with hacks yields a weighty weapon. Some of these weapons are psychologically proven while some have been used in my real life, these hacks have everything like the Steve Jobs hack, the dating hack & many amazing things you never ever heard of.

1) How to be the poster boy of speech

To have well prepared speeches two crucial things that you should really pay attention to are

Picking signal from noise

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Watching obnoxious figures and peeking through radiations into smartphones during travel in metros, buses, walking consumes a sound amount of time and we subconsciously make sure to forget that life is out there too. Statistics shows that longer commute times are associated with increased strain, poorer mental health & lower well being. A question we hemmed up in our life is that time during travel, can it be used to discover something?

In the ever changing calendar of mind, we tend to go through many seasons, l thought to give out my perspective berries for free, let’s view them.

  1. Travel…

Achieving dreams with minimalistic thinking

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What if you spent your entire college life to achieve that one thing and it went wrong ? Do you really need to wait for passion to knock on your door ? How to achieve multiple dreams ? Conundrum of questions.

The article is about how one can work efficiently towards many dreams without getting into the fear of failure. My secret formula is “Three Intention Rule”. Here is how it works: divide your ambitions in three slots:

  1. Things you actually love doing.
  2. Things you choose to become in future.
  3. Things which will help you in uneven times (The backup…


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